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The Farmhouse Al Girasole offers its guests a different kind of accomodation as single rooms, double rooms,
family rooms and appartments from 4 up to 8 persons.
At the Farmhouse Al Girasole the  guests have the opportunity to stay in contact with nature and animals,
with scenes of the' unspoilt Mediterranean and the calm of orderly rows of vines and groves,
where you can immerse yourself and feel very far away from the bustle of the coast, which is also just 3 km away.
The surrounding area is the typical Maremma, with its rolling green hills and golden fields of hay,
moreover, it has the good fortune to be accompanied by the characteristics of a unique landscape:
the Monte Argentario with the nature reserve of Giannella and Feniglia, separated from the Oasis of the Orbetello Lagoon.
Guests who wish may participate in the work activities of the farm, as the feeding of Chianina cattle,
the beautiful race that giant, the cultivation of the seasonal vegetables garden and other activities.

uliveto maremma al girasole

Guests at the Agriturismo Al Girasole can take a leisurely stroll through our olive trees and observe
the plants in the various phases of the season and enjoy the beautiful view that our countryside offers all year round!
vigneto maremma al girasole
The guests of the farm will be able to take a pleasant and relaxing walk through our Vermentino vineyards.
During the winter you can take a walk in the vineyard and snoop to see us at work with hoeing, pruning, tying shoots and so on !


Agriturismo Al Girasole offers its guests the Garden Seasonal, those who desire it, will reap the fruits freely
to enrich their tables during your stay, all our products are grown without pesticides or chemical treatments.

At  Farmhouse Al Girasole, Outdoor grilling can be organized, there are in fact several
Barbeque located in the garden for guests.


A path in the farm to discover segreteti and curiosity of life in the Maremma countryside, for a pleasant walk for young and old ...
Massimiliano and Fabrizio will be happy to take if he wants to hear some history of the Maremma!


What's better than a nice bike ride to discover the aromas and landscapes of Maremma.
In Farm there are bikes available to guests. From the farm you can make several walks.
It is recommended especially in peak periods to reserve bicycles for time.


icona-girasole  Children Welcome - Kids of all ages can enjoy our farm and accomodation.
icona-girasole  Languages  Spoken - Host speaks Italian, English and  Spanish whether perfectly or not!
icona-girasole  Credit Cards - Credit or debit card payment accepted.
icona-girasole  Extra bed/sofabed - Available €10 per person per night.
icona-girasole  Indipendent Entrance - Straight from the garden.
icona-girasole  Kitchen Facilities - All rooms have kitchen facilities like fridge, gas machine, italian coffee machine, ect. ...
icona-girasole  Owner has Pets - Animals living on the property.
icona-girasole  Pets Welcome - Please let the owner know if you want to bring your pet.
icona-girasole  Public Transport - Within 9 kms  of a bus/train station.
icona-girasole  Wheelchair Access - At least one bedroom & bathroom accessible.
icona-girasole  Wi-Fi Wireless - Free Internet access available.
icona-girasole  Working Farm - Please contact the host if you want help in the farm.
icona-girasole  Parking - Free Parking in the private Parking area .
icona-girasole  Equipped Beach - Nearest equipped Beach is just 4 km away .

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